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25 января, 2024

Project: Fintech\Web3

Skill level: Senior

We are looking for an experienced and skilled Golang Developer to join our

team. As a Golang Developer, you will be responsible for designing, developing,

and maintaining efficient and scalable applications using the Go programming

language. Your expertise in Golang will contribute to building robust and

high-performance software solutions.




  • Validate business and system requirements from Product Managers &

Architects to transfer requirements into code.

  • Develop services around data warehousing, big data, cloud computing.
  • Participate in DevOps, continuous development and integration


  • Programming in Go high-level language.
  • Work on deployment automation/configuration management with tools

including but not limited Ansible or Azure Pipelines, Cloud Formation,

Terraform following a DevOps model.

  • Ensure all appropriate documentation of processes and source code is

created and maintained.

  • Communicate effectively with colleagues, leaders, and customers

throughout the organization.

  • Participate in expert level troubleshooting and resolve bugs through root

cause analysis, data and system investigation.


  • Strong proficiency in the Go programming language for 4 years, with a

solid understanding of its core concepts and idiomatic usage and the

principles of writing concurrent code;

  • Deep understanding of synchronization mechanisms;
  • Basic understanding of Linux principles and commands;
  • Strong skills in code profiling and debugging4;
  • Strong problem-solving skills and ability to analyze complex technical


  • Experience in writing unit tests and integration tests;
  • Experience working with message brokers and a deep understanding of

how they operate;

  • Experience with external caching servers;
  • Advanced understanding of microservices architecture design


  • Confident command of SQL databases and skills in working with them;
  • Experience with Protobuf and GRPC;
  • Deep understanding of CI/CD;
  • Knowledge of SOLID, design patterns, the experience of applying them;
  • Experience with other technologies (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes) is a plus.

-Remote work

-Location: GMT+4(+-1)

-English-В2, Russian-В2

   IT Recruiter — Глафира Хеленко    


  +375 (29) 806-78-27  

  email: helenko@gubanova.by

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