Lead ML PYTHON dev

Информационные технологии
6 февраля, 2023
5000 $


  • implement algorithmic solutions for optimization and constraint satisfaction problems (NDA project – we will tell you more at the interview);
  • formulation and programming of optimisation problems for different domains (logistics, finance, farma, etc.);
  • support classical dev in quantum algorithms ;
  • clearly documenting and communicating the work and progress to the internal development teams.



  • knowledge in C++ is a plus;
  • basic knowledge of CUDA;
  • experience in parallel programming using CPUs and/or GPUs, understanding the basics of parallel computing: MPI, OpenMP, multithreading technologies;
  • experience with the git version control system.



  • good knowledge in Python programming language: numpy, scipy; basic machine-learning frameworks: PyTorch, TensorFlow, or equivalent;
  • knowledge of the basic properties and methods of solving basic types of mathematical programming problems (Linear Programming, Mixed Integer Linear Programming, Quadratic Programming, Constrained Programming);
  • good knowledge in numerical linear algebra: matrix decompositions, linear systems solution;
  • knowledge of the basic solvers for industrial optimization problems;
  • strong English speaking and writing skills.

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